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"We need to make sure children are getting food and getting the RIGHT food," Clarissa Mackay says this is a good start.

Co-Founder Clarissa Mackay speaks to Jesse Mulligan to explain what an amazing programme can look like in New Zealand.

'Feeding schools is not like normal catering': Govt plan to be closely watched

Eat Right Be Bright founder Clarissa Mackay told Andrew Dickens they're interested to see how the plan will look like.

'For the last two years I've been researching and school food is rather complex. It's not like normal catering; it is individual and a complex situation."

She says that schools can get in touch if they need help with programmes like this.

Free lunches for school kids, Government announces

Thousands of school kids will get a free lunch at school, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has announced.

Group of Auckland mothers on a mission to make free school lunches a reality

Over nine months ago, a group of Kiwi mums came up with an initiative to feed every child at school, today they launched their first pilot at two schools, hoping to take it nationwide.

Fill tummies, grow minds and have #ZeroHunger in Aotearoa

On World Food Day, let’s really talk about about securing #ZeroHunger schools in New Zealand where every child is nutritiously fed at every school every day, as a right.

World Food Day

Join and listen our playlist for our take on how to achieve the UN's goal of Zero World Hunger by 2030, and why school lunches should be funded for all Kiwi students.

Universal free lunches mean poor, hungry kids aren't stigmatised

We're told there's no such thing as a free lunch. But when it comes to Kiwi kids, there should be. We can't ignore our child poverty problem any longer.

Massey offers expert advice on healthy school lunches

Auckland mothers behind the Eat Right, Be Bright campaign have turned to Massey University Human Nutrition and Dietetics staff and students for advice about the best types of food for children to improve their dietary intake during school hours.

Leah McFall: What free school lunches would mean for parents like me

A growling tummy distracts a child; they can't apply themselves to learn and so fall behind in class. This beds-in their lack of privilege.

Food for Thought: Free of charge school lunches

There is plenty of evidence showing how food insecurity and malnourishment are prevalent issues among many New Zealand school children.

Support for Eat Right, Be Bright campaign for universal school lunches

A nutritious lunch for every child would go a long way toward ensuring that all children have the same chance for good educational outcomes, and support healthy physical and mental development, says Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG).

Kiwi Mums attempt to create free school lunch revolution

Kiwi mums are attempting to try and get the Government to give every child in New Zealand a school lunch.